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Schedule101 & COMMLOG Ink Agreement for Joint Venture

Schedule101 & COMMLOG sign Partnership Agreement


Phoenix, AZ: Through a Value-Added Reseller Agreement with Schedule101, COMMLOG, a leader in custom print and web-based manager communication log solutions for hospitality and retail, will now be offering Schedule101 web-based employee scheduling integrated within COMMLOG’s Virtual Manager Log. Hospitality and retail users will now be able to log into one web portal to access Schedule 101’s employee scheduling along with the COMMLOG Virtual Manager Log and the COMMLOG Mobile Checklist log.


Martin Kossman, President of Schedule 101, says “It has been a long time coming, but available now - a web-based one-stop-shop tool that enables owners, managers and employees alike to finally execute scheduling and communications seamlessly with little to no effort. Managers are able to schedule better, employees can solve their own scheduling conflicts, and everyone can readily access schedules and operational information with a simple click on their smart phone, laptop, or PC. Increased efficiency and profitability is immediately realized.”


Jazmine Alvarez, manager at Oggi’s Restaurant in Fullerton, CA says, “We have been using Schedule101 since opening as a new restaurant 12 months ago. To begin with, the Employee Self-Registration, New-Hire training and Tracking features made staff preparation as seamless as it gets. In addition, Schedule101 is loaded with communication vehicles including email, texting, employee message boards and management message boards that helped us get the word out in an instant which became invaluable to us. The web-based scheduling tool doesn’t get any easier and includes Shift Swap, Drop, and Add features that have changed the lives of our employees.”


Steven Streiff, founder of COMMLOG, says “With a history of improving manager communication and operational efficiency going back more than 20 years, COMMLOG is excited about the addition of Schedule 101’s powerful yet easy-to-use interface to the COMMLOG Virtual Manager Log. COMMLOG Virtual Manager Log users have been asking for an easy-to-use web-based scheduling tool and we can finally offer them a product that does just what they need – no more and no less – at a great price. Our combination of web-based tools have all been created to help small, medium, and large-scale hospitality and retail environments easily and successfully manage day-to-day operations.”


Travis Marquez, a long-time user of the COMMLOG web-based products, said “We have been using both the COMMLOG Virtual Manager Log and COMMLOG Mobile Checklist Log in all of my locations for several years.  As my locations are distributed over several cities, I am not always able to drop in the restaurants as often as I like.  With these tools, and now with the inclusion of the new scheduling tool, I can check remotely to ensure that among other things, we are controlling labor costs through proper scheduling.”


The COMMLOG Virtual Manager Log, now with integrated employee scheduling powered by Schedule 101, gives managers access to not only what has happened at the store level, but what is happening, and what is scheduled to happen - in real time. In addition, regional managers, executives and owners now have remote access to vital, actionable, operational information that they previously had limited access to.  All of this adds up to an industry-leading standard for operational excellence – and at a great price!


Announcing an Introductory Free 4 Life Offer for the first location of multi-units & 50% off first year subscriptions by Independents, if sign up by March 31st to request a no strings attached 60 day trial at Notifications will be sent out when product integration is completed and released. Official announcement being made at:


  • The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York

  • Schedule101 & Commlog officially announcing Partnership & Introductory Offer

  • March 8th to 10th

  • Jacob Javitz Center / care of Gourmet Marketing / Labs kiosk


About Schedule101: is a Workforce Management System with a powerful online Scheduling System featuring:


  • State-of-the-art web-based scheduling system

  • Easy-to-use employee management system

  • Sales & labor projection tool

  • Proprietary document storage

  • Employee email & texting tool for immediate communication with your team

  • Exclusive & cost-saving new hire training section

  • Printable daily roster

  • Integrated event calendar



About COMMLOG: COMMLOG is an industry-leading provider of printed and web-based tools to help managers run their operations efficiently and effectively.  COMMLOG’s flagship products are the printed COMMLOG Manager Communication Log and the web-based COMMLOG Virtual Manager Log. COMMLOG has provided outstanding solutions to the hospitality and retail industries for more than 20 years.


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